Listen with Amazon Alexa

You can also listen to Bookham Talking Newspaper via your Amazon Alexa by saying:

“Alexa, enable Talking Newspapers”(one time only)

Then to start, say:

“Alexa, open Talking Newspaper”

Alexa will ask you for the name of the talking newspaper that you want. Say: “Bookham and District Talking Newspaper”

Alexa then says the name of the Talking Newspaper that it thinks you’ve requested. Say “Yes” to confirm, or “No” to try again.

Once you have set up Alexa, in the future just say:

“Alexa, ask Talking Newspapers to play Bookham and District Talking Newspaper”

and the current edition will play for you.

To move between tracks, say:

“Alexa, next track”,


“Alexa, previous track”

To pause, resume or stop playback of the talking newspaper that you are listening to, say:

“Alexa, Pause”
“Alexa, Play”
“Alexa, Stop”