The Talking Newspaper Organisation

We take our sight so much for granted. Without it, or with failing sight, talking newspapers provide a lifeline to the local news that so many enjoy.

Local ‘talking newspaper’ charities started over 50 years ago, and now number about 500 across Britain helping over 100,000 blind and partially sighted people access news from their local community.

Bookham & District Talking Newspaper was set up over forty years ago by members from our local Rotary Club. Today we have just over forty users living in the Bookham district from Ashtead in the east to Horsley in the west. This is in fact only half the number who used the service at its height, and so we would be delighted to hear from or about others who might benefit, as we are sure there are people in the district who are not aware of the service because of their sight issue.

All we ask is that you confirm with the individual concerned that we have their permission  to contact them to explain how the service operates.

About Bookham and District Talking Newspaper

Registered charity number: 271856

What we do:

Bookham & District Talking Newspaper provides a free service to persons in the Mole Valley area who have a visual impairment and are unable to easily consume print media.


Recording and provision of memory sticks of information extracted from local newspapers and other sources and read by volunteers for the benefit of blind or partially sighted people in the area of Ashtead, Bookham, Effingham, East Horsley and Leatherhead in Surrey.